75 email newsletter content topics you can use

Are you tired of sending the same old content in your email newsletters? Keep your customers engaged by sending a variety of content in newsletters such as infographics, interviews, new product announces, etc. According to a report from the Nielsen Norman Group, “Newsletters feel personal because they arrive in users’ inboxes, and users have an ongoing relationship with them…The positive aspect of this emotional relationship is that newsletters can create much more of a bond between users and company than a website can.”  Read this article written by Vertical Response to find out 75 different ways you can create content for email newsletters.


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Micro-Moments Now: Three New Consumer Behaviors Playing Out in Google Search Data

Thanks to a rise in mobile usage, Google created a unique concept called micro-moments to help label consumer behavior. Micro-moments occur when consumers want an immediate answer in the moments they want to know, go, do, and buy. In this article, Lisa Gevelber explains the behavior of the “well-advised” consumer, the “right here” consumer, and the “right now” consumer. Read this article to find out what consumers want and how companies are adjusting to meet their needs.


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#DigitalMarketing Mid-year online asset checklist for digital marketing excellence

At the start of 2017 marketers set goals of what they want to achieve professionally and personally. This bucket list contains new initiatives marketers want to tackle or plans that didn’t quite happen in 2016. It’s the halfway mark of 2017 and it’s time to reassess strategies and goals for the last half of the year. Here is a list of digital marketing elements that can be optimized and refined for better results :

1. Keyword refining

2. Website audit

3. Content marketing strategy

4. Social media marketing strategy


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Three Means to an End: Lessons in Digital Marketing

Any brand worth its word today is giving serious thought on how to best engage with audiences, stay relevant in consumers’ eyes and maximize value in the digital-first universe we live in. The two most sought-after consumer groups are the much-considered Millennial set and Gen Z (the first generation to live their experiences, content, and life through a digital lens). These are critical audiences to win over for brands across all industries.

Brands need to take digital to the heart of the business and marketing strategy. That is the leap of courage many CMOs and CEOs are grappling with. Take a look at three brands who embrace digital business ambition, holistic digital strategy, and keep audience personalization at the forefront of their core priorities.

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How to Write Thought-Provoking and Attention-Grabbing Email Copy

Writing email copy is essential and necessary for most businesses these days. This isn’t always an easy process but it can be learned. The key is making the tone of your email warm and friendly as if you are writing to one individual. Mike Templeman takes us through the process of writing fresh, inspirational, and compelling content in this article. Learn how to unlock your creativity and write thought provoking email copy!


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Nitro Circus Live 2017 North American Tour starts this Saturday!

After months of  hyping this mind blowing live action sports show, we are excited to celebrate the kick off of the Nitro Circus Live 2017 North American Tour! There are 24 shows across the continent of North America, taking place June 3 through September 28. We wish the Nitro Circus crew well and safe travels on their travels across North America.

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The insider’s guide to choosing a programmatic buying platform

Have you been thinking about programmatic advertising, but just don’t know where to start? In order to have success in programmatic advertising you need to find the right buying solution. Contributor and Google Brad Bender shares the four questions you should ask when choosing a programmatic buying platform.

Question #1: How many inventory providers do you plan on using?

Question #2: Where do you want your ads to show?

Question #3: How serious are you about audience targeting?

Question #4: What tools do you need to hit your goals?

Read this article to find the answers to your questions!

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