13 Holiday Email Marketing Tips to Boost Sales in 2018

Do you have your holiday marketing strategy already set in motion? Now is the time, don’t procrastinate until November before you start crafting holiday email messages.

For many businesses, the holiday period, spanning from early November to early January, is one of the busiest and most profitable times of the year. So it’s important to get your marketing right for the holidays to give your business the best opportunity to maximize profits. Sharon Hurley Hall gives us 13 tips to boost sales through email marketing.

1. Know Your Holidays

2. Start Early

3. Segment Your List

4. Create Holiday-Themed Campaigns

5. Create a Holiday Gift Guide

6. Launch Exclusive Holiday Sales

7. Use Urgency

8. Create an Online Advent Calendar

9. Theme Your Subject Lines

10. Don’t Forget the Footer

11. Optimize for Mobile

12. Pre-test Your Campaigns

13. Test and Measure


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4 Tips for Successful Content Marketing

As a business owner, actively marketing your business should be one of the highest priorities. With the primary goal being, to let as many people know about your products and services as possible. To stay ahead of your competitors in the digital world, you must invest both time and effort to see growth in your online presence.

In this article, Issac Thomas shares four tips for successful content marketing:

  • Find your keywords
  • Go for sustainable content
  • Focus on quality
  • Professionals can do it for you
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How To Fix The Marketing Strategy-Execution Gap

The marketing strategy can be difficult to execute if all departments aren’t on the same page. In order to execute the strategy, the marketing and creative teams need to collaborate instead of working in silos. This Forbes article provides a list of ways that teams can come together to make mediocre projects turn into successes!

  • Adopt a growth mindset
  • Help them drink the Kool-Aid
  • Share the research
  •  Accept ambiguity
  • Share success metrics
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Standing Out on Instagram with Creative Content

There are more than 200 million daily active Instagrammers visiting a business profile each day and if you want to drive real business results you have to stand out in the right way!

Here are a few tips from the Instagram team on how to make your creative content stand out:

  1. Make your brand the lead actor
  2. Create for mobile first
  3. Fully utilize your vertical canvas
  4. Design for an objective
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How Lateral Leadership Transforms Digital Marketing Teams

Marketers should be supported when they work directly with other teams as this will allow for new ideas to arise and develop, while potential issues will be caught early on. You’d be amazed how many mistakes are avoided when teams are tapped into each other’s concerns, rather than receiving a top-down plan through vertical channels. Higher-bandwidth communication is simply more efficient, for reasons that should be obvious. Read the full article to see if lateral leadership is the way forward for your company!

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Mid-Year Review: The Top Four Digital Marketing Strategies Of 2018

Digital marketing is constantly changing and evolving. In this Forbes article, Scott Darrohn discusses the top four digital marketing strategies of the year including hyper-focused content, voice in SEO strategies, millennial drivers, and artificial intelligence. Scott points out that by next year, mobile will account for 72% of digital ad spend. Over the last year, 60% of people started using voice search. Social media is the most popular content marketing tactic for 90% of business-to-consumer (B2C) businesses, and 94% of business-to-business (B2B) marketers use LinkedIn as part of their content strategy.

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How GDPR Will Transform Digital Marketing

By now you’ve seen plenty of notifications from web-based companies from Twitter to LinkedIn about privacy policy updates. The General Data Protection Regulation has been put in place to protect consumers privacy and give them control over how their data is collected and used. How will the GDRP transform digital marketing in near future? Dipayan Ghosh of the Harvard Business Review says, “GDPR will force marketers to relinquish much of their dependence on behavioral data collection. Most critically, it will directly implicate several business practices that are core to current digital ad targeting.” Want more? Click the full article below.

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Email Marketing Is Still The Top Way To Generate Leads

Email marketing has proved to be a strategic method for generating leads. This approach continues to enjoy a strong track record despite the rise of social media platforms. Email marketing is still an efficient way to generate leads at a reasonable cost.

Overtime email marketing has evolved but one thing that hasn’t changed is that you need to be strategic about how you word emails from start to finish. One of the best things about email subscriptions of today is that you can count on your prospects having some level of interest in your product or service that encouraged them to sign up for your subscription list to begin with.

In this article, Karina Tama-Rutigliano, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Caring People Inc. gives us several ways to be strategic about the email marketing process.

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Nitro Circus kicks off North American Next Level Tour in St. George

Nitro Circus is back at it, kicking off it’s North American Next Level tour in St. George, Utah. This show was nothing short of amazing, with all-new ramps, tricks, and stunts this tour is sure to be a crowd pleaser. The tours runs from May 12 through June 23 making it’s way from the west coast to the east coast with a couple of dates in Canada. Check out the full list of tour dates here.

Tour Dates
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10 SEO Trends That Will Influence Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has grown in importance for today’s businesses and so has the role of search engine optimization. SEO plays a large part in driving traffic to your website, blog post, guest articles and other content assets. And if you don’t play by Google’s rules, you’ll see your web traffic plummet.

The most successful marketers are on the cutting edge of the latest algorithm changes and best practices so they can make sure their clients’ content is visible. Check out the up-and-coming SEO trends that 10 Forbes Agency Council members believe will impact their work this year.

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