Nitro Circus Live 2017 North American Tour starts this Saturday!

After months of  hyping this mind blowing live action sports show, we are excited to celebrate the kick off of the Nitro Circus Live 2017 North American Tour! There are 24 shows across the continent of North America, taking place June 3 through September 28. We wish the Nitro Circus crew well and safe travels on their travels across North America.

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The insider’s guide to choosing a programmatic buying platform

Have you been thinking about programmatic advertising, but just don’t know where to start? In order to have success in programmatic advertising you need to find the right buying solution. Contributor and Google Brad Bender shares the four questions you should ask when choosing a programmatic buying platform.

Question #1: How many inventory providers do you plan on using?

Question #2: Where do you want your ads to show?

Question #3: How serious are you about audience targeting?

Question #4: What tools do you need to hit your goals?

Read this article to find the answers to your questions!

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Instagram artist draws extremely boring but necessary acts of self-care

This Instagram artist’s drawings come at the perfect time, after all it is Mental Health Awareness month. Instagram artist, Daisy, who lives with mental illness and endometriosis, was inspired to create the series after seeing how self-care is usually portrayed on social media. She has started a conversation by using the hashtag #boringselfcare to show people how to give self-care on a daily basis. Read the article to see more of Daisy’s drawings!

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8 Snapchat Mistakes to Avoid (and How to Fix Them)

Want to know how to make mind-blowing Snapchat stories, then listen up! Sophia Bernazzani from HubSpot fills us in on 8 mistakes and how to avoid (and fix them).

  • Your Stories are too long.
  • Your Stories are too short.
  • You post Stories too frequently.
  • Your Stories offer no way to engage.
  • Your Stories are too similar.
  • Your Snaps aren’t creative.
  • Your Stories require sound.
  • You aren’t recording important Story metrics.


Read the article to find out how to quickly fix these Snap Story don’ts!


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The Instagram ‘pods’ using likes to fight the new algorithm

Instagram ‘pods’ have started popping up all over the place to fight back against the new algorithm. Last June, Instagram changed it’s algorithm so users would see popular content in their feeds vs. chronology. What is an Instagram ‘pod’ you ask? Writer Rachel Thompson from Mashable quotes a blogger as saying, “a pod as “essentially a group message on Instagram”. Members of the group follow each other, and constantly like and comment on one another’s posts to keep pod members’ posts showing up in other people’s timelines.” Read the entire article to see how you can become part of these exclusive Instagram ‘pods’!


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19 Statistics About Multicultural Millennials Marketers Should Know [Infographic]

Millennials, or people between the ages of 18 and 34, make up the largest population group in the United States. There are more than 75 million millennials in total, and that number is projected to increased to more than 81 million by 2036. This age group is considered the most active and engaged across social media platforms. Read this article written by Sophia Bernazzani to get the scoop on multicultural millennial media and purchasing habits.


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How Meditation Actually Works to Drive Business Success

When you’re a tireless go-getter, it’s easy to get caught up in your work. It’s easy to become distracted by your never-ending to-do list and this is also a dangerous place to be. Stillness and mindfulness are vital keys to our wellbeing – and they should be a priority for every businessperson. In this article, Anita Heidema explains why everyone should make meditation a habit.

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Facebook Launches Stories Feature

First Snapchat, then Instagram, and now Facebook! Facebook Stories are user-generated photo and video collections that can be viewed up to two times and then disappear after 24 hours.

The story format, created and made famous by Snapchat, has been on Facebook’s radar for some time, with the Menlo Park-based company first testing a Snapchat stories clone within Messenger in September 2016.

Facebook Stories is focused around Facebook’s in-app camera which allows users to overlay fun filters and Snapchat-like lenses to their images/videos. Read full article written by Ash Read at Buffer Social to learn more about the latest Facebook feature.

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