Why We Can’t Sleep and What It’s Doing To Our Work

Admit it. You’ve had days at work where it takes a Herculean effort to stay awake and concentrate.

A new study by the Virgin Pulse Institute found that 76% of the U.S. workforce is tired most weekdays. What’s more, 40% of employees (admitted) they’ve dozed off during the day once per month. And it’s not just during the post-lunch lull.

A survey by Blue Jeans Network discovered that 6% of people confessed to dozing off while on an audio-only conference call.

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The Corporate “About” Page

Most companies’ “About” page sucks. Composed of tiled mosaics of awkwardly grinning executives who clearly don’t want their pictures taken, and broken up with some insipid verbiage written by a company stooge with a penchant for empty buzzwords, the average “About” page doesn’t tell you very much about the people you’re considering doing business with.

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