Instagram continues to integrate features from other platforms thus losing its unique charm and appeal to users

Just this year alone Instagram has added the Your Story feature that is almost identical to Snapchat’s My Story, a live video component that is similar to Facebook’s Facebook Live and now you can also like other users comments. The days of simply being able to just “like” a photo on Instagram are over! Many IG users are outraged by all of the new changes, but will these changes be enough to deter them from using the app? Let’s hope not, for Instagram’s sake!

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Christmas with Kelsey

Scenario Digital Welcomes Kelsey Lamb

It is with great pleasure that we announce our newest client, Kelsey Lamb!

Kelsey Lamb is making moves and paving her way as a Country singer/songwriter in Nashville, TN. Originally from Arkansas, Lamb is over the moon excited about the opportunities she will have in her new hometown. Kelsey’s new EP “Christmas with Kelsey” is NOW available on major digital outlets iTunes and Spotify!

We are excited to be working with Kelsey as she pursues her talents and musical career!

Read more about Kelsey’s journey and watch her cover of Chris Young’s Sober Saturday Night 

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This Thanksgiving, Be Thankful for Science

The New York Times has a different approach on what to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! They have put together a selection of some of their favorite science and health stories from 2016 that should bring together your Trump-loving uncle and your Hillary-hailing cousin for a thought-provoking, scream-free conversation. They’ll go great with white meat, dark meat or even a tofurkey.


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Scenario Digital Welcomes Bubble Guppies Live!

We are excited to announce our newest client, Bubble Guppies Live!

Bubble Guppies are returning to the live stage this 2017!

Put on your water-wings and jump into a swimsational adventure! The Bubble Guppies are getting ready to rock n’ roll with some totally fin-tastic tunes, but when a special band member goes missing, the show can’t go on! With a little help from Mr. Grouper and giggly little fish, Molly, Gil, and the whole gang embark on an adventure as they search every corner of their underwater world for their missing friend!

Featuring rockin’ music, comedic high jinks, and audience participation, the Bubble Guppies will leave no stone left unturned and no bubble left un-popped in order to get the show on the road.

Including a wave of playful characters, energetic song and dance and theatrical magic, Nickelodeon’s Bubble Guppies Live! Ready to Rock will have kids, parents and grandparents singing and dancing along with this rockin’ interactive show!


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Scenario Digital Welcomes Ruby

It is with great pleasure that we announce our newest client, Ruby!

Lesley Rankine started out in London as lead singer for indie punk band Silverfish, and then went solo as ruby from ’94. Reaching a wide audience with the album Salt Peter, the single “Tiny Meat” became an alternative radio staple. Lesley draws from all the parts of her divergent musical career in ruby’s new music. Eclectic as ever, she continues to progressively use technology in song-crafting.

We are excited to be working with Ruby on her upcoming North America tour!

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This is the Guy Convincing Your Company to Let You Use Facebook at Work

New product, Facebook Workplace is bringing true connection to the workplace. With Facebook Workplace you are suddenly connected in a way that hasn’t been possible before, whether you’re at the headquarters or work in an entirely different country you can now connect with all of your co-workers. You know the values of the company, the culture, you can see posts from the CEO and you can actually post photos of what you’re doing. See what direction Facebook is heading with its new Workplace software.


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