Support Greg Louganis on Indiegogo– Activewear & 40th Anniversary 1st Medal

Join Greg Louganis and celebrate the 40th anniversary of his first Olympic medal and the launch of his new activewear line. Greg has his sights set on developing a casual activewear line for men and women. Become a part of Greg’s journey as he evolves and extends his message of reaching athletic and spiritual potential to people across the globe.


Greg’s Indiegogo
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Scenario Digital Welcomes Greg Louganis

It is with great pleasure that we announce our newest client, 4x Olympic gold medalist, New York Times bestselling author, and motivational speaker Greg Louganis.

Since the start of his diving career, Greg Louganis has embodied strength, courage, and determination, exemplified most prominently during the 1988 Summer Olympics, when he struck his head on the springboard mid-dive.  Despite this setback, he returned to the board after and dove again with a tenacity that ultimately was rewarded with a gold medal.

Greg’s recent accolades — an Emmy nomination for his long-form documentary “Back on Board: Greg Louganis”, and his appearance on the highly-coveted Wheaties Box this summer — further reflect his marked ability to overcome.  Having been diagnosed with H.I.V. as a gay man in the 1980s, Greg today thrives as a mentor for the summer games diving team, a Special Olympics Ambassador, and as an actor, most recently playing Salvador Dali in “Sabre Dance”, which premiered in Cannes.

We congratulate Greg on his Emmy nomination and Wheaties box, and look forward to greater successes in the future!



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Why Young Adults Love Instagram

One of the most prominent trends in social media, both for publishers and social networks, in the last few years has been the emphasis on visual over textual — that is, videos and pictures over text-only posts.  Given this shift in favor of the visually stimulating, it is no wonder that Instagram, in particular, has enjoyed greater success among its users, especially among young adults.  The wise marketer, in response, asks “Why?”  What underlying factors have engendered strong Instagram loyalty with millennials, despite competition from Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat (to name a few)?

It turns out that a variety of factors have played into this allegiance — Take a gander at some of them outlined in the following SocialMediaWeek article below.  It’s a good read!

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3 Tips for Marketing to Millennials

Marketing to millennials, some would argue, has become a much more difficult endeavor, what with new apps being adopted and dropped at seemingly break-neck speed, attention spans shortening to microseconds, and the exponentially-increasing amount of information (read: marketing channels) this elusive target market is exposed to daily. It is not totally a futile act, per se — recent trends have shone some light as to how marketers can work more efficiently to attract and maintain interest among millennials.

Check out 3 somewhat surprising millennial marketing trends SocialMediaWeek has uncovered in their article here below:

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Twitter Conversational Ads: Adding Value Where Value is Due

From the advertiser’s perspective, media buying can sometimes feel like a one-sided affair — reach is ascertained, (hyper)targeting is set, and copy/creative are released into the digital wild.  Sure, there exist the few comments here and there in response to these ad units, the sum of which is deemed another, but not quite as significant, metric marketers look at when gauging campaign success.  After all, when one comments, is he/she engaged with the ad content or the Michael Jackson meme just there spectating?


Twitter has gone on the offensive in leveraging and measuring this there-but-not-really behavior with their new feature, i.e. Conversational Ads.  These new ad units essentially work like comments, in that they incite user responses by asking him/her to make a choice — for example, an ice cream manufacturer can use a Conversational Ad to ask its customers “Which is better: #Chocolate or #Vanilla?”, to which the user can respond by tapping either hashtag.  This then automatically fills out a new Tweet with the chosen hashtag and additional promotional messaging prefabricated by the advertiser.


The additional value with Conversational Ads is that advertisers can definitively track engagement for an ad via an end-user response — that is, the customer was in fact interested in chocolate ice cream and not Michael Jackson (RIP) — which is fantastic news.  


Get more information on Twitter’s Conversational Ads by clicking at the link below:


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Win Over Wireless Customers On Twitter With These Tactics

The competitive landscape for wireless carriers has hit a considerable high in 2016 — one need look no further than the constant TV spots, for example, touting unlimited data-this and “We’ll pay for you to switch”-that. It all sounds the same, the offers sound the same, leaving many a customer to wonder what really differentiates a Verizon from a Sprint or a T-Mobile.  So how, in this kind of digital age, do you appeal to a confounded, indifferent audience?

We’ve uncovered some tactics to reach this elusive target market on Twitter, at all stages of the purchase journey.  Check them out at the link below:



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