Do you have your holiday marketing strategy already set in motion? Now is the time, don’t procrastinate until November before you start crafting holiday email messages.

For many businesses, the holiday period, spanning from early November to early January, is one of the busiest and most profitable times of the year. So it’s important to get your marketing right for the holidays to give your business the best opportunity to maximize profits. Sharon Hurley Hall gives us 13 tips to boost sales through email marketing.

1. Know Your Holidays

2. Start Early

3. Segment Your List

4. Create Holiday-Themed Campaigns

5. Create a Holiday Gift Guide

6. Launch Exclusive Holiday Sales

7. Use Urgency

8. Create an Online Advent Calendar

9. Theme Your Subject Lines

10. Don’t Forget the Footer

11. Optimize for Mobile

12. Pre-test Your Campaigns

13. Test and Measure


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