For years marketers have struggled to come up with a winning approach for what metrics should be measured to ensure campaign success. Digital marketing expert Ryan Bonnici says it’s best to take a content-centric approach vs. channel-centric approach when measuring success.

He says, “If we’re being totally honest, for most marketers working on a channel-centric basis, most of their content sits somewhere in the middle of “pretty bad” and “truly remarkable” when it comes to performance (i.e. the traffic and leads it generates). That’s because very few marketers are taking a truly content-centric approach and analyzing the right metrics to tell them what their prospective customers want from them when it comes to content.

Once you crack that million-dollar question, you should see an uplift in the traffic and leads generated by all the channels you use to promote your content because you’re giving your audience what they really want.”

Take a deeper dive and get three key content-centric metrics to measure your effectiveness by.

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